Concussion Education Webinar Series, Headway Foundation.

Josh—a TBI Success Story” (2014). This YouTube video shows a speech and language practitioner giving Bowen Therapy to Joshua Hayes, which was a factor in his remarkable improvement from devastating injuries.

Jenna Howe, Choices interview on YouTube, Feb 2014.

Jenna Howe, “Innovations in Concussion Recovery,” Learn it Live webinar, Dec 10, 2017. This webinar offers suggestions to practitioners based on Jenna’s experience.


Marianne Beacon, The Lacrosse Radio Network interview, Nov 30, 2011. Ms. Beacon is a Peterborough, ON, Canada, Bowen Therapy practitioner who successfully treated a lacrosse player with a history of three concussions.

Jenna Howe, Understanding Neuromuscular Therapy to treat Post Concussion Syndrome,” interview, Real Life Radio interview, 2010.


Stephen Stamp, “ Alternative Therapy Shows Promise for Faster and More Complete Healing from Concussions,” IL Indoor article, Nov 2011.

Gretchen Reynolds, “New Advice to Move More After a Concussion,” New York Times article, May 17, 2017. New international Concussion in Sport Group guidelines now advise patients to start light exercise within a day or two after a concussion. “The brain benefits from movement and exercise, including after a concussion,” says Dr. John Leddy in this article.

John D. Leddy, MD, “Cervicogenic Post Concussion Disorder: A Pain in the Neck,” article, April 14, 2015. Whiplash injury can result in cervical pain, headache, vertigo and dizziness, as well as cognitive complaints such as poor concentration and memory deficits even when there is no brain injury. The relationship of neck injuries to post concussion-like symptoms is discussed. 


New Hope for Concussions TBI & PTSD, by Lawrence D. Komer et al.

Dr. Komer co-wrote this book in which he discusses the importance of addressing brain inflammation and balancing hormones.

When Brains Collide, by Michael D. Lewis, MD.

Find the Dr. Lewis Omega-3 protocol for brain health and concussions at .