Rotated Pelvis

Misaligned pelvic bones can result in scoliosis, nerve compression (e.g., sciatica) and chronic lumbar, hip, knee, neck, shoulder, or referred pain. Neuromuscular therapy releases the hypertonic muscles, balances muscle tension, frees the compressed nerves, and restores pelvis and vertebrae alignment.

Neck Pain

Severe neck and upper back muscle tension may pull the cervical vertebrae out of alignment and compress skull bones. Pinched trigeminal and cervical nerves then generate headaches, vertigo, tinnitus, and more. Stretching can tear tight muscle fibers, creating inflammation and more pain.

This combination of Applied Myoskeletal Therapy (AMT) and Bowen Therapy gently releases the tension without needles, pressure on sensitive nerves and blood vessels or stretching.

Temporomandibular Joint & Muscle Disorder (TMD)

Jaw pain and difficulty opening & closing one’s mouth indicate that jaw muscles may be too tight, pushing the condyles (joints) out of alignment. This can occur due to a fall or blow to the head, bruxism (teeth grinding), or an extended session in the dentist’s chair.

A less obvious impact of asymmetrical pterygoid muscle tension connecting the upper and lower jaws is that it can pull the sphenoid bone behind the eyes out of optimal alignment. This in turn may stress the optic nerves passing through the sphenoid bone, potentially contributing to glaucoma and other vision issues.

The pituitary gland hangs from a stalk and sits in the base of the sphenoid bone. This master gland helps regulate hormones. Concussion can damage the pituitary gland, causing mood and hormone problems.

TMD therapy will ensure that jaw muscle tension is balanced and that the sphenoid bone is aligned.

Joint Pain

When individual muscles attached to shoulder, elbow, hip, knee and ankle joints are abnormally tight, unbalanced tension on the joint may generate intense pain and eventually osteoarthritis. Conventional practice is to stretch or roll tight muscles. However, spasmed or knotted muscle fibers do not stretch. Aggressive therapy may tear muscle fibers, generating more pain and inflammation.

Instead, a combo of Bowen Therapy and AMT is used to gently release hypertonic muscles and take the pressure off nerves so that the body can rebalance and heal.


Shoulder Alignment 02.2019

“Until I visited Madeline, I had been living with chronic hip pain for five to seven years; as a result last winter I contracted sciatica. In an effort to find some relief I consulted physiotherapists, a chiropractor, osteopath, massage therapist and an acupuncturist, but nothing even came close to the results I received from Madeline. From the first visit, I finally felt the relief I had been searching for, all with the gentleness that Bowen therapy and Applied Myoskeletal Therapy offers. Since then, I have recommended her to all my friends, family and colleagues. Madeline's practice is unparalleled and I'm so grateful she has been able to help my hip and sciatica, and improve my overall quality of life. Thank you Madeline!” G.M., 2019

“I have a lot of falls. Bowen Therapy resolved my recent whiplash much more quickly (2 sessions) than physio. I immediately have Bowen first thing after my next fall because I trust it will work again. I highly recommend Bowen for anyone with epilepsy.” L. A., 2016

“In July 2016 I injured my neck and shoulder on a trip. At home the pain continued and even worse, I could no longer turn my head to the left to do a shoulder check while driving. I went to the chiropractor three times a week from mid-September until the end of October. At the same time, at his recommendation, I was also getting weekly massages and doing neck exercises (which hurt). After six weeks of intensive therapy my neck mobility was not getting any better. In November I went back to the doctor and got a prescription for physiotherapy—that did not help either. After just three sessions with Madeline in November and December my neck unlocked and the pain was diminishing. Madeline takes the time to explain what is happening and lets you know what to expect. I strongly recommend her services.”  B.S., 2018

“When skating last winter I fell and broke my arm. After the cast was removed, I developed severe pain at 10+ on a scale of 0—10 in my neck and left shoulder, radiating down into my bicep. My right shoulder was painful as well. The pain was so bad that I couldn't sleep. I had four sessions with a physiotherapist who wanted me to start lifting weights, but would or could not do anything about the severe pain. I went to see Madeline who thought that muscle tension in the shoulders and base of the neck was compressing nerves. At the end of the second session with Madeline the pain was 0. I slept on my left shoulder, so the pain came back at a level of 7 or 8. However, after the third session, and after changing my sleeping position, I could finally sleep through the night.” C.F., Pilates Instructor, 2019